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Governance and Advisory Committee


The OVPR is the University Administration unit that elevates economic growth for the State of Illinois by developing regional partnerships and leveraging the University's physical and intellectual assets to support startup formation, corporate competitiveness, and workforce development. The OVPR oversees IllinoisVENTURES, the Offices of Technology Management and the EnterpriseWorks startup incubators on both the Urbana and Chicago campuses.  

The OVPR was also instrumental in the creation and launch of UI Labs, an an independent, not-for-profit research, training, and commercialization corporation that spun out of the University of Illinois that leverages the collective assets of the University and the city in order to tackle big technological challenges through applied research.

University and Campus Policies

University of Illinois General Rules (Article III covers intellectual property)

Export Control

Campus Administrative Manual: Licensing Intellectual Property Developed at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to Companies Affiliated with University Employees

Advisory Committee

The Office of Technology Management thanks our advisory committee (OTMAC) for their guidance, input, and commitment.


  1. Advises on OTM strategy to ensure the goals of the Office are aligned with UI's mission to transform lives and serve society by educating, creating knowledge and putting knowledge to work on a large scale and with excellence.
  2. Ensures OTM practices are in concert with the University of Illinois preeminent public university standing and that commercialization goals sustain and enhance the University's quality in research and economic development.
  3. Provides input and guidance on best uses of the University's share of royalty income received by the Offices for funding of commercialization programs and initiatives.
  4. Makes recommendations on "best practices" for intellectual property policy and practice and innovation and commercialization initiatives at the University of Illinois.
  5. Acts as a conduit to and from faculty and staff and to develop support within the University community for all aspects of technology and knowledge transfer at University of Illinois. 

Advisory Committee Members 2014-2015:

  • Wynne Korr, Chair  (School of Social Work)
  • Michael Biehl (Veterinary Medicine)
  • Isaac Caan (ACES; LAS; IGB)
  • Lizanne Destefano  (Education)
  • Carl Gunter (Engineering)
  • Elizabeth Hsaio-Wecksler (Engineering)
  • Fatima Husain (Applied Health Sciences)
  • Victor Jongeneel (NCSA; IGB)
  • David Lipari (Engineering)
  • Yi Lu (LAS)
  • Deana McDonagh (Fine & Applied Arts)
  • Jim Morrissey (LAS)
  • Rob Pennington (NCSA)
  • Jennifer Quirk (IGB)
  • Paul Redman (Fine & Applied Arts)
  • Beth Sandore Namachchivaya (Library)
  • James Shriner (Education)
  • Fei Wang (LAS)
  • Melissa Wasserman (Law)