Power Processing for Optimizing Energy Production from Solar Cell or Panel Arrays

Conventional solar panel systems process energy from a collective group of solar panels, which lowers the efficiency of the system and prevents the system from operating at the maximum power point. The proposed invention allows each individual solar panel to operate at or near the maximum power point to effectively increase the overall efficiency of the system. Because this invention allows for the processing of only small energy differences, it may also be applicable for use on individual solar cells, which has not been successfully accomplished with known energy processing methods.  

A solar power system for maximizing solar power conversion. The solar power system includes n power units connected in series and n-1 DC-DC converting units, and each of the n-1 DC-DC converting units is coupled to at least one of n solar power units. Each of the n-1 DC-DC converting units is configured to control the correspondingly connected solar power units to operate at a target current generation. The solar power system further includes a controlling unit coupled to the n-1 DC-DC converting units. The controlling unit monitors and compares the n currents generated by the n solar power units. Based on the current comparison, the controlling unit determines a series current and controls the n solar power units so that each of the generated photovoltaic currents is substantially equal to the determined series current.

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