Simultaneous Identification of Mechanical and Optical Properties of Single Viruses using a Single Device

Nano Opto-Mechanical Fluidic Resonator (nOMFR) (2015-086)

Prof. Bahl from the University of Illinois has developed a device that can identify both optical and mechanical properties of single viruses with much higher throughput than current methods. This method takes us one step closer to identify the virus rather than just detect it. The rapid label-free identification of viruses can bring about a revolution in human health diagnostics and therapeutics.

High Throughput Real-Time Opto-Mechanical Flow Cytometry (OMFC) (2015-086)

Professor Gaurav Bahl has developed a device that performs real-time high sensitivity acoustic sensing of flowing fluid-suspended cells and particles using ultra-high-Q microfluidic opto-mechanical resonators (OMFRs). They aim to achieve throughput rate of 10,000 cells/second.

Related publication: Bahl, Gaurav, et al. "Brillouin cavity optomechanics with microfluidic devices." Nature communications 4 (2013).