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Latest Innovations

Sub-10 nm fabrication: molecular templating, electron-beam sculpting and crystallization of metallic nanowires


This technology provides a technique for fabricating metallic structures with dimensions considerably smaller than 10 nm and the use of a focused electron beam to...

Powerful Biphosophonates for Treatment of Cancer, Bone Loss, and Infectious Disease


Although there are already a few existing compounds for use in the treatment of bone diseases, these new compounds may have efficacy exceeding that of current...

Near-Field Diffractive Microscope


A near-field microscope using one or more diffractive elements placed in the near-field of an object to be imaged. A diffractive covers the entire object, thus...

Peptide Based Inhibitor of Calcium Current


This technology is a short fragment of a naturally occurring peptide that can be used to regulate the density of calcium current in mammalian cells. Modulation of...

Alkaline Chemistries in Microfluidic Fuel Cells


This fuel cell is an invention of miniature proportions. University of Illinois researchers have developed the ability to integrate alkaline and mixed-media...

Multi-functional Multi-layered Nano- & MicroFluidic Device


This technology describes a fabrication method for multi-channel, multi-layered microfluidic devices, with numerous functional characteristics capable of...


About our Portfolio

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is a world-class research institution boasting a respected and accomplished faculty, high national rankings, state-of-the-art facilities, and a history of ground-breaking research.  The University's research budget is more than $600 million annually, placing it among the nation's top generators of innovation.

The Office of Technology Management's portfolio of licensable innovations represents the breadth and depth of the University's research enterprise.  

Ready-to-Sign Licensing Program

The goal of this program is to facilitate rapid licensing and the transfer of University intellectual property. Standard terms and conditions have already been determined for each of these technologies, as represented in the linked agreements which are are "ready-to-sign." The terms reflected in Ready-to-Sign agreements are only available to qualified parties who complete the required information, sign, and return the agreement without modification to the Office of Technology Management. 

Encouraging Economic Development in Illinois

If you will be developing or producing Products that are covered by the RtS License in the state of Illinois, we will waive the 1st year fee. To qualify for this waiver, on Part 1 of the License indicate the Illinois address where you will be developing or making Products covered by the RtS License.